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As importers and roasters of internationally sourced, Arabica coffee beans, our coffee is as fresh as it can be, with the source of them alternating depending on what is best for that season. We roast our coffee in small amounts almost every day, making every cup as fresh as it can be, with no taste lost due to ageing from storage.

Coffee of the Month

During the months of June to September, India sees the monsoon season sweep through its western coastal belt. These tropical rains sweep up from the oceans around India across to the south west of the country.The Monsoon Malabar coffee beans as the name suggest are left out in the open during the monsoon season.The fresh monsoon rains wash the Monsoon Malabar coffee beans, leaving a totally unique coffee.

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Get the freshest coffee delivered right to your door or office whenever suits you best. Never be without great coffee again.

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Take your beverage game to the next level with these accessories, whether it’s hot or cold, we have something for you.